Saturday, April 25, 2009

Dolomedes Triton

The Dolomedes Triton is a 4" reel that was custom ordered by a local angler, business owner and repeat customer; Domenic Federico. Due to his satisfaction with the previous Paine Falls reel, Domenic wanted a one-of-a-kind reel, and that is exactly what he received.

The reel was delivered last Wednesday (April 15, 2009) evening and it left on it's maiden voyage to the Trout streams of Pennsylvania for opening day of Trout season on Friday. From the reports that I have received back from Domenic the reel performed flawlessly. The start-up is exceptional as well as the reels ability to pay-out line during a drift.

A special thanks to Domenic for supplying the majority of the pictures used to produce the following slideshow.

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